Cotton Procurement

The dedicated and experienced team of Jayanthi Textile Products takes scrupulous care in the selection of cotton, starting from initial purchase of cotton. During the selection process, more importance is given to its length, strength and mic, so that the final product obtained is of the utmost quality.

Product Range, Count & End Use

Inspired by its quest to attain excellence, Jayanthi Textile Products concentrates on supplying superior quality yarn and achieve optimum client satisfaction through focus on their relevant market.

Jayanthi Textile Products manufactures yarn on par with the international standards, giving only the best product to the customers. The mill offers a varied range of yarn products, which includes Carded, Combed and Combed Compact yarn in the range of 40s to 80s used in the production of Cone and Greige fabrics.

Machinery Infrastructure

Jayanthi Textile Products possesses the most modern plants, equipped with the latest machinery which ensures production of the finest quality yarns. The range of machineries comprise of the latest from the world renowned manufacturers like VXL Systems, LMW, SKF etc.


  • Blow room, Bale Plucker
  • Carding
  • Comber
  • Draw Frame
  • Speed Frame
  • Ring Frame
  • Autoconer


  • LMW
  • LMW
  • LMW
  • LMW
  • LMW
  • Muratac

Quality Assurance

Jayanthi Textile Products believes that quality products are not only by promises but also by proven results. To offer the best quality, proper utilization of best machinery and manpower is necessary. For this purpose, we have a dedicated Quality Assurance team ensuring maintenance of Quality at all levels. Investments in sophisticated instruments from World renowned manufacturers lik, Statex & Uster UT3 are an integral part of the mill to meet the desired requirements. Jayanthi Textiles Products delivers yarn quality that satisfies its customer's preferences at all times and enhances value of its business.