The Growth Story

The Jayanthi Group has an international reputation for quality built over the past 25 years of innovation in the textile industry. Established in 1990, under the guidance of their honorable chairman Mr. C.N. MARAPPAN, Jayanthi Textile Products is a member of the Jayanthi Group and a manufacturer and exporter of fine combed cotton yarn, various type of Grey Fabrics, Home Textiles and have their presence in sustainable energy too.

Jayanthi Textile Products' stern commitment to international standards of quality has resulted in achieving phenomenal growth over the years, to create a forte of their own in the highly competitive market. The mill is equipped with high standard instruments and latest technology, to enhance the quality of products with advanced upgrading being done to meet all the parameters in terms of quality and efficiency.

Constant commitment to high quality standards and innovation has been the secret of its success, ever since the company was found. The mill started with an installed spindleage capacity of 9000. Today, the plant located at Coimbatore produces 3,40,000 tones of yarn per month with the current spindleage capacity of 35,792. We produce over 3.5 million kilograms yarn and over 7 million meters of fabric a year.